On Friday 19 November 2004 07:53, Doug Finch wrote:
> I have an idea that I wanted to throw out there.  I have a cable ISP
> plant that I am trying to help with a project.  They are using Cisco
> 7114 UBRs to connect their cable modems with their Internet backbone -
> this device assigns it a dhcp address and associates it with the modems
> MAC address.  It does a lot more than that but that is all I am
> concerned with.  I want to see if I can write a script that will
> constantly execute the command "show ip arp" which will return the
> current routing table with the MAC and IP address (dhcp).  I can foresee
> two problems so far, one is that you have to have enable mode access to
> run this function and two, I would fear creating a security loophole by
> running an enabled function all of the time.  Can I get your thoughts on
> this?

wouldn't something like Perl Expect work wonders here?? you could combine it 
with a mysql db if the details are to be stored for later viewing.


> thanks,
> Doug

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