Section 3.3 of that rfc indicates that ; is reserved in URLs - so I'm
guessing there's another solution.

Obviously you can wrap all your URLs up in a nice CDATA structure - but
that seems ridiculous.

A quick googling perusal confirms what I expected:

"The XML that you see in a file is just a *serialisation* of a node
tree. In the node tree, entity references are substituted for whatever
they reference."

Which means either the browser should automagically translate the &
- or it should otherwise be translated before the page is rendered.  How
exactly are you tacking the SID onto the end of these URLs?  If it's
done by php automatically then you shouldn't be having problems at all
at the xhtml level, if you're doing it manually - then manually add
&SID=$wherever_sid_is_stored onto the urls.

Of course, I'm probably oversimplifying a problem you've fought hours
on, so all I can say is I hope the link and its thread shines some


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well... in xhtml you HAVE to write & in urls... if I can't do that
the point in trying to use xhtml, when it won't work with php anyway?

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> you can't, not allowed
> read here
> bastien
>>From: "Bobo Wieland" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
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>>how can i force the SID variable in urls not to be &SID=, but &amp;SID

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