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Anatol - you seem to be mixing up PHP with Firebird internal UDF, the two have nothing in common.

FIRST. Can you actually access Firebird from PHP ( forget UDF totally at this stage ).

PHP on Linux needs installing with php_ibase.so in order to access the ibase_/fbird_ functions.

Once you have Firebird installed and running then you could look at adding UDF's, but they have nothing to do with PHP, and need to be compiled on their own.

The firebird-php list will help with getting Firebird running, but you need the firebird-support list for UDF's - it's not a PHP problem!

Anatol ogórek wrote:


I got php+firebird working without any problem.
I am also able to create and compile simple udf for firebird.

I found that one UDF in php source so I thought that maybe someone of you managed to use that extension.

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