No offence taken!
I've never had to use JOIN before...
and the test was supposed to take an hour.. I didn;t wanna cheat... and it 
took me ages to even realise what I was supposed to be doing...
(Plus [EMAIL PROTECTED] hungover :-(   )

Anyhoo, I'll try what you've suggested...
Cheers.. we live, we learn...

Brent Baisley <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 
01/12/2004 13:44

Re: [PHP-DB] Job interview test - I give up...

OK. No offense, but that seems fairly easy.

Here's one possible answer:

select categories.*,count(dv_id)
from categories
left join dvds on dv_caid=ca_id
group by ca_name
having ca_name not like 'T%';

On Dec 1, 2004, at 8:13 AM, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:

> I recently saw a job that I thought I'd be good for, so they sent me a
> test...
> All good.. but I realised that I couldn't do it..
> I got sooo damned close, but could not finish... :-(
> Anyhoo, here's the test:
> And the test parameters are below
> If anyone can tell me the answer, I'd appreciate it, then I can
> de-engineer it, and hopefully learn something.
> I've already mailed them and said thanks, but I give up ;-)
> I my prob was in gettin ga distict list of all DVD categories, from 
> within
> the final results page...
> Hmmm, any takers?
> TASK:-
> Modify the test.php file (attached) so a list of categories and the
> number of DVDs in each category are displayed when the script is called
> in a browser. (See resultspage.html for the EXACT output required)
> You must complete the getNumDvdsInCategories() function to query the
> database and return a multidimensional array in the required format.
> You may use the PHP and MySQL manuals available online.
> You may only make ONE select query to the database.
> Do not edit code outside the getNumDvdsInCategories() function. The
> results in the table must be in alphabetical order (category name). The
> Drama category MUST appear even though there are no DVDs in the
> category. Categories beginning with the letter "T" must not be
> displayed. Values in the database cannot be hardcoded anywhere in the
> script.
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