I know this is only semi-helpful, but maybe it'll give you a kick in the
right direction.

In Microsoft SQL-Server you'd use @@IDENTITY to get the ID of the last
row you inserted.  There's bound to be something similar in other DB
systems.  "identity" is what SQL Server calls auto-number type fields,

One thing to watch out for...  Make sure you're getting your 'local'
auto-number and not a global one.  If your script inserts something, and
someone else's script (or a different user using your script) inserts
something else, THEN you snag the ID, you could get the other user's
auto-number ID instead of the one you just inserted.

If you make sure you're getting the 'local' ID, then it'll always return
the last one that you inserted.

Another note is that usually 'local' ID is determined by database
connection session.  If you use something like ADOdb (or another
abstraction layer... Or just in general), make sure you're getting the
ID before you close your connection to the database.

Thought that could be helpful even if not specific to MySQL, the
concepts and caveats should be similar.


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> From: Aaron Todd [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] 
> Sent: Wednesday, December 01, 2004 11:01 AM
> Subject: [PHP-DB] getting data back when inserting
> I was wondering if somone might be able to suggest a command 
> to me...I am 
> inserting data into a MySQL database that has an 
> auto-incrementing primary 
> field.  When I insert the data I would like to somehow get 
> the value of the 
> auto-incrementing primary field.  I thought I could just run a SELECT 
> statement on some of the data that I am inserting, but the 
> problem is that 
> it could have a duplicate already in the database.
> Anyone know of a command or something to point me in the 
> direction I am 
> looking to go?
> Thanks,
> Aaron 
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