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On 03 December 2004 13:15, Yemi Obembe wrote:

> $sql = "SELECT * FROM arcadia WHERE email=$v";

>    $sql_in = "INSERT INTO arcadia ('email') VALUES ('$v')";

Spot the difference: you have quoted the email value $v in the INSERT
(correct) but not in the SELECT (wrong).  This means that:

   $res = mysql_query( $sql ) ; 

is failing with a SQL error, so $res is not being set to a valid MySQL
result resource, so that when you execute:

   if (list($row) = mysql_fetch_array($res)) {

The mysql_fetch_array() complains with the error you have seen.

After any database operation, you should check for failure and echo out any
error message -- see mysql_errno()  ( and
mysql_error() (



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