to brighten everything a bit :-)

te code below is pseudo-code, that means use session_start(); in the correct way. I use the echo, to output the data.

More over, the code works fine for small sized variables, but whit huge data, thats why i use the post method, it doesn't seam to work any more.

Any other suggetions? Getting crazy around here..... :(

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H.J. Wils,

Below code is means you're putting the content of $_POST['body'] to a session variable $_SESSION['mailtxt'],btw...put session_start() first...

$_SESSION['mailtxt'] = $_POST['Body'];

Below HTML code means that you're getting the content from $_SESSION['mailtxt'], however this form-textarea value has not yet set in the session var and echoing or putting it in textarea is useless...
<textarea name='body'><?php $_SESSION['mailtxt'] ?></textarea>
<input type=submit>

how about a try to output session posted data...

$_SESSION['mailtxt'] = $_POST['body'];

if (isset($_POST['body'])) {
echo "Session Data: ".$_SESSION['mailtxt'];
} else {
<textarea name='body'></textarea>
<input type=submit>


H. J. Wils wrote:

simplified, my code is as follows:
---------------------------------------------------- document --------------------------------------

$_SESSION['mailtxt'] = $_POST['Body'];


<textarea name='body'><?php  $_SESSION['mailtxt'] ?></textarea>
<input type=submit>

recalling: in some way, is de session variable not filled with the POSTed value...

---------------------------------------------------- end document --------------------------------

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