Can someone please help me?
I am running Apache 2 with mysql 4.1 and php 4.3.9 on windows xp home.
I have altered the apache config files as well as the php ini files I am able to successfully run php scripts from my localhost. I also have successfully installed MySql (knowing this as I can create tables and such)
However my problem is when I am using php to try and connect to mysql, nothing is happening at all. The explorer window is blank.
Even when I am using tutorial scripts for beginners
One of the sources is at
and still does not seem to be connecting.
But I also successfully installed and ran phpbb 2.0.11, and that has both ran and connected with mysql without a problem so this makes me think that I have configured everything properly.
But whenever I am manually typing my scripts or even copying and pasting them to connect with MySql absolutely nothing happens. So I have no idea what to do or how to fix it.
The same problem has even occured when I have tried using Apache 1.33.

I would appreciate any help anyone could give me as I am a beginner to all of these programmes.

Thanks in advance


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