I don't know about connection pooling in Java, but a couple of thoughts
arise with this question:

1. If it's connection/disconnect/reconnection that's causing the bottleneck,
why not just connect once, perform your various SELECTs to get your data
then close the connection once at the end?   You should be able to put your
connect/disconnect outside of your main data collection and processing
loops.  Assuming you're connecting to the same database with the same
credentials each time.  If it's different DBs or different connection
strings each time, then I'm not sure how much you're going to be able to get
around that.

2. Second thought would be if it's only a couple of 'single shots' at the
DB, then a connect/disconnect each time probably wouldn't be the bottleneck.
You might look at your queries and make sure they're as optimized as they
can be.  A "couple" of connect/disconnects from the database shouldn't slow
it down unless your queries are screwy or there's some issue with connecting
to the database that's causing that process to take more than a second or

Can you outline your process a little more detailed?  Showing where you do
your connect, query, data gather & manipulation, disconnect, and loops?

Doesn't have to be actual code, just a general flow of your system and any
other details that could relate to the bottleneck.

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> Hello List,
> is there anybody out there, who could help me in finding something I know
> from good old java: Connection Pooling.
> Is there a mechanism or project that provides that for PHP 5? Reason I
> create a 20 page pdf with data out of MySQL 4.1
> (that means using the mysqli methods) where I require a couple of shots at
> my database. The whole process is realy slow
> and i think the bottleneck is the database connection.
> thx Jan

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