On Monday 06 December 2004 20:39, Stuart Felenstein wrote:

> --- Jason Wong <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > I'm not sure what you mean exactly by "intended use
> > checkboxes".
> Intended use - I generate a list (via a repeat region)
> of records.  Each item on the list has an associated
> checkbox. If I put a check in the box, do a $_POST I
> expect on the next page where I"ve set up the correct
> parameters, to see the selected record only.

OK, so your intended use is to "see the selected record(s?)" (based on the 
checkboxes selected). Now your problem is not with the "see selected record" 
bit (I'm pretty sure you've got that sussed out), it is with "how do I handle 
checkboxes". See below.

> Probably, but then again all questions posted here
> could be derived from the manual.

I would guess that 80% of the questions on the list could be answered with 
_direct_ reference to the manual(s). By direct reference I mean either 
searching the manual for the 1 or 2 _obvious_ keywords or looking in the 
_obvious_ section of the manual. For example, some people have asked "how do 
I escape strings before inserting them into a mysql database", well one of 
the obvious place would be to look at the mysql section of the php manual, 
and if the asker had done that they would have seen that there are functions 
called mysql_real_escape_string() and mysql_escape_string(). That's why 
people should RTFM first, before even thinking of posting to the list!

Anyway ...

> So I set the value of the check box to:
> <th height="38" scope="row"><input type="checkbox"
> name="checkbox" value="<?php echo
> $rsRes->Fields('Rese'); ?>"></th>

... there's your problem, all your checkboxes have the same name. PHP is not 
smart enough to automatically put them into an array, so if you check more 
than one checkbox PHP will either keep the first checkbox or the last 
checkbox (I don't know the exact behaviour (and don't care) but you can 
easily do some tests to find out should you wish).

> While it returns from the correct field it is not
> returning the correct record.  I read somewhere to
> name checkbox as an array.  checkbox[]
> Perhaps this is what I need to do.

Indeed, that is what the manual hints at, and what the articles will tell you 
to do.

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