On Monday 06 December 2004 22:46, Norland, Martin wrote:

> No, PHP5 does indeed have some new (and different) functions for mysql,
> but it supports (properly, nothing old about it) the normal mysql
> functions as well.  The change for PHP5 is that it no longer enables
> mysql functions by default (you need to now compile it with
> --with-mysql), and it no longer bundles the client libraries.

AFAIK no version of PHP ever did compile with mysql by default. You *had* to 
use --with-mysql if you wanted mysql support. The choice was whether to use 
the bundled library (the default if you didn't specify a directory with 
--with-mysql) or some other library.

> From http://www.faqts.com/knowledge_base/view.phtml/aid/22154
>   - MySQL support.  There has been some confusion with regards to the
>     disabling of MySQL by default in PHP 5.  This simply means that in
>     order to use MySQL you must explictly use --with-mysql just like
>     you do with most every other extension. 

If this is where you got the above from, then maybe you would like to point 
out to them that it is incorrect (not that it matters to people using PHP5 -- 
but people using PHP4 might wonder why they don't have mysql support when it 
is "supposed to be enabled by default").

Actually, reading it again, it doesn't explicitly say the versions of PHP 
older than PHP5 enabled by mysql by default. Maybe it is your interpretation 
and reading between the lines which led to your above statement :)

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