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> > Also just to be certain that you *are* running
> those
> > lines of code change the 
> > echo $to, to echo "Before $to" & echo "After $to"
> or
> > something.
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Some may remember my problem the other day where I was
trying to create a mail() block using fields from the
database.  Finally figured out my problem. Basically I
needed to declare the recordset / resultset as a
global and move it further up in the script.  Things
are working way better except I still have one issue.
One field is coming from a TEXT column (mysql) I know
there is new line formatting in the text.  I can't get
it to send in the email as the body remains blank.  I
can do both a print_r and echo and it is fine (except
the new lines dissapear) I wonder if it's becasue it's
a text column that I am having this problem.

global $rsVendorJobs;
global $rsRes;
global $rsCL;
$to = $rsVendorJobs->Fields('Conmail');
$subject = $rsVendorJobs->Fields('RefEm');
$body = $rsCL->Fields('LurkCovLet');
$headers = "From: [EMAIL PROTECTED]";

The field that comes up blank in the email is the
$body line. I've tried double quotes in various
places.  Wonder if I'm missing something ?

Thank you

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