Hi, if your register_global = on you can do it like you do, if register_global = off, use it like this:

session_register("session_username"); //or $_SESSION["session_username"] = null;
session_register("session_level"); // or $_SESSION["session_level"] = null;

$_SESSION['session_username'] = "$username";
$_SESSION['session_level'] = "$account_level";

echo $_SESSION['session_username'];

Warren Mason åé:
I am attempting to get information from a mysql database and then use
this in a session. Is there a trick to using sessions? For example, can
something like below be placed anywhere in a script? (I have the session_start(); at the very top of my page.)

session_register( "session_username" ); session_register( "session_level" ); $session_username = "$username";
$session_level = "$account_level";

The resulting session is


$username is set to warren and $account_level is set to 255.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I have gone through about 5
books and searched the net and can't find an answer as to why this isn't

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