I've got some strange mysql behavior, wondered if anyone encountered it.
I have a database with some float(4,3) fields.
I have a version of this running on mysql 4.0[.23], and another running
on mysql 4.1[.7].
When I insert, for example, 12 into it - the 4.0 version stores '12.00'
- but the 4.1 version stores '9.999'.  It seems that mysql made a change
somewhere between 4.0 and 4.1 to force the decimal space of floats.
This is all well and good, I rather like losing data - it builds
character - but I've thoroughly checked their changelogs and have found
nothing to indicate this behavior change.
It's likely a change for sql compliance - but just to forewarn anyone
who may want to do an upgrade - this isn't an issue I've found written
out anywhere.
Has anyone seen this anywhere?
Incidentally, I tried to warn that this was O  -  T...
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It's good to know that you can post O  -  T to a list, but if you dare
to indicate it as such (with the bracketed Oh-Tee indicator at the start
of the subject) as a service to those uninterested, your mail won't go
through.  That's good policy - stomp on the good citizens and make them

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