On Fri, 17 Dec 2004 13:54, Chris Payne wrote:

> Hi there,
> Well basically I have a list of items and their prices etc ..... which
> have
> to be sent via email, so I need to store the data in a string.  I THOUGHT
> I could execute the loop with all the elements (Such as table rows etc
> ...) inside a string, but I was wrong, so how can I store the data PLUS
> the table
> data into a string?  It has to be an HTML email and I'm stumped.  I can
> send an email no problem, but not with all the data, just the last row in
> the data.
> Chris
> On Friday 17 December 2004 10:33, Chris Payne wrote:
>> I?m having to send an email with looped results, but I?m having problems.
>> I can send an email no problem, and this code works OUTSIDE of the
>> string, but not inside, can anyone see what is going wrong?
> Please explain what you are doing. A string is a string. Code doesn't
> execute
> inside a string. What else are you doing to the string?

Create the output in the same manner as you would use if you were displaying
it; in other words, loop through the source (database, whatever) adding the
formatting as required. Instead of echoing the output to screen, append it
to a variable. Voila, you have the data all in one variable.

David Robley

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