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> huh? you can and should be able to upgrade to 4.0.x without too many 
> problems. PHP 4.3.9 has no problems with that, nor will PHPMyAdmin.
> to mySQL 4.1 will involve more pain as the protocols are vastly
> and uses a different php library (mysqli).

Which will, however, be almost completely pointless as the functionality
he wants is only in 4.1.

Also, it's not painful moving to mysql 4.1 at all - you can still use
the mysql_* functions just fine.  Mysqli_* functions are an option, not
a requirement.  Still, surely it can't be that hard to find mysql 4.1
for NT...


Definitely read up on those upgrade/release notes!
Windows binaries for php 4.10 / php 5 - these should be new enough to
work with however the libraries bit works, so you'd just need to find
the php mysql[i] windows library, driver, etc. whatever they call it.

Installing phpmyadmin is nothing, you just drop it in place essentially
- works fine with php5 and mysql4.1 here.

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