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>       No...  That is just some strange error generated by the cut and
paste.  The "IS NOT NU LL" that is...
>       The other issue with 'tablename'...  I simply typed 'tablename'
in the e-mail because I didn't remember the exact tablename when I was
typing the e-mail.  It does actually provide the name of the table that
the script is working with.

It's very hard to diagnose a problem - unless it's blindingly obvious -
without the exact error, as well as any code which could be contributing
to it.  It's best to cut and paste wherever possible - and if anything
must be 'hidden' to obviously hide it and make note of the replacement.
Just like Johan K##### would do.

* K##### name has been changed to protect the guilty - in my 'code' it
is typed normally.

- Martin Norland, Database / Web Developer, International Outreach x3257
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