so you want a generic site framework that uses a DB for content storage - er build one, in any language you choose with any DB you choose.

BTW 'Ecomm' is not a word, I assume you mean e-commerce (its 2004 so its safe to just call it commerce/business/shop - the hype is thankfully over). Forgive me for being presumptuous but if you are building commerce applications then it should be a piece of cake to knock up a simple generic page output widget.

Your problem (or rather your ideal solution) might encompass DBs(mySQL),PHP,Apache but the original question does not per definition - the question was regarding how to show a fixed width page (for which I offered a possible solution). to the point: showing a fixed width page is really 'HTML 101' (i.e. basic) and at no stage is a DB or PHP required.

Your interchangeable use of the word 'template' and 'framework' suggests little to no investigation on your part (there are about as many template engines and php based frameworks available as there as php programmers). [as a hint it sounds like you want a framework, which often incorporate one or more templates and/or templating mechanism used to seperate presentation logic from business logic]

You also state:

"I really want to do is display fixed content for dynamic searches for a web site on a lamp server"

In which case I would suggest don't bother with the search and just show the fixed content - all you then need is a HTML file, which can be hosted on absolutely any webserver none of the following is required:


ofcourse your quite welcome to use Apache (+ a PHP module) running on Linux to serve said HTML file.


1. Your original question was vague AND off-topic.
2. I gave you a possible answer to your original off-topic question which you seemed to have ignored in favor of pointing out how relevant LAMP is to what ever it is your trying to do.
3. You give the impression that someone should provide you with a custom site framework just for asking.

...rather than wasting time asking vague/offtopic questions, ignoring answers and hoping someone will place a finished product in your lap why not investigate the field (there is LOADS of info on the topic/concept of PHP frameworks) and then come back to this list with a question when you're stuck with (or wondering about) something specifically DB related?

Kevin Russell wrote:
sorry but this has nothing to do with:

1. DBs
2. PHP

ok out right your mostly correct, but what I really want to do is display fixed content

people on mailing lists don't generally go around diving what people really want to do....

for dynamic searches for a web site on a lamp server,(fc2) their php is a little out dated, but their in the move to 5 so its ok, I would like it to be more classic of a site with navi on the left, a banner bar at the top, and content in the center, all the content must come out of a mysql DB, I want the base level code, (I.e. the template) to stay the same, just let the content to change, it would be great if I could set this up so I could host multiple sites off this one framework/template with DB prefixes for different sites most if not all will be an Ecomm solution, so in the end, Yes it does have something to do with


you are right.... the link is... YOU.

you asked a question and
you want to have some generic code that runs on a LAMP configuration


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