To be honest, I havn't had much use for it myself but I've done a lot of 'hack' 
projects that didn't need to be this specific.  But as I understand, you might 
want to use the triple-equal sign to determine if they're exactly the same.

Are you comparing...




(integer versus a string?)

If so, the === should work I believe.  It should compare variable types as well 
as values so it shouldn't convert "0002" to just 2 before doing the evaluation.

Good luck!


= = = Original message = = =

Hi List,

I was comparing two values, a current value with a new value to build the
UPDATE instruction and I faced this:

Current value: 2 == new value: 0002

So, PHP is telling me that the current is equal to the new. Is this
possible? Any idea to avoid this problem?

Thanks for any help.


Andre Matos

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