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On 21 December 2004 07:58, amol patil wrote:

> hallo friend,
> i have developed simple and small database website using php ,html
> and java script. 
> but i am getting these three parse errors on clicking ,
> i have checked 3-4 imes on these line numbers, but there wasn't any $
> variable. php script is also correctly written.
> what is this T_STRING error.
> can you help me regarding this.
> thank you.
> errors:
> Parse error: parse error, unexpected $ in
> /home/dollar1/public_html/signup.php3 on line 379

$ in PHP's error messages represents the end of the file, so PHP has reached
the end of signup.php3 when it's still expecting more program.  This means
you have an error somewhere in the preceding 378 lines -- most likely a
missing }.  (If PHP was complaining about a variable reference, the message
would refer to "unexpected T_VARIABLE".)



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