Jochem wrote:

>> Thanks but this would be impractical for the real application. I need to
>> gather
>> customer data and write it to the database. I would likely use POST. I
>> couldn't 
>> get POST to work either but am using _GET right now since I can at least 
>> see the query string value. 

>ok - I assume then that POST values don't appear in argv as GET values 
>do? if they do then the proposition stands.

I did try 

if (empty($_GET)) { parse_str($_SERVER['QUERY_STRING'],$_GET); }

which worked so I guess I should be able to come up with an equivalent for
_POST using argv, argc.

>I am guessing but I also think the problem is to do with the fact that 
>the CGI sapi is being used. 

I am using the CLI SAPI, I checked using php_sapi_name(). Is this causing
the problem?


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