Hi all,

I'm a kinda-sorta newbie to php -- I basically just futz around with it
because it's pretty cool.

However, I'm brand spanking new to databases.  Never did anything with them.
I taught myself a little SQL because it looked fun to learn, but I just
thumbed through some books.  I never really used a database in earnest.  Too
difficult to set up, and my dual Celeron 333 is underpowered as it is
without having an extra daemon running.

Yesterday, I taught myself sqlite + perl, and that was a LOT of fun.  But
then I remembered I hate using perl for CGI, so today I started messing
around with sqlite for php4.

There's something I'm not groking about php's syntax.  When I look at how
you're supposed to quote stuff in sqlite for php4:

        sqlite_query( $handle, "
                INSERT INTO course VALUES (
                        '" . sqlite_escape_string($termcode)    . "',
                        '" . sqlite_escape_string($semester)    . "',
                        '" . sqlite_escape_string($course)      . "',
                        '" . sqlite_escape_string($course_desc) . "',
                        '" . sqlite_escape_string($college)     . "',
                        '" . sqlite_escape_string($reference)   . "'
        ") or die("Error bravo in query: " .

it makes me want to cry.  Php should be prettier than Perl, not uglier.  We
have single quotes, double quotes and a string quote function.

How am I supposed to parse this?  What's the purpose for all this quoting?

And is there a _nicer_ way of doing this?


PS- I don't want to count out the possibility that some of my values have
quote characters in them.

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complicated.  The mind of God appears to be abstract but not complicated.
He also appears to like group theory.  --  Tony Zee's "Fearful Symmetry"

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