> Hello All,
> I want to fill drop-down box from mysql table, if any body
> be kind to tell me a sample code :)
> e.g:
> In my application i want to gather subject list from current
> semester-subject table of a student.
> --
> Nayyar Ahmad

You know that the HTML code for the drop-down is:
<OPTION VALUE="1">Whatever 1</OPTION>
<OPTION VALUE="2">Whatever 2</OPTION>

Here's some "pseudo-code" remarks that should help you with your coding:

------------- whatever.html -------------
Drop-down: <SELECT NAME="sample">
   //  connect to your database - if you haven't already
   //  construct a query to pull the records you want, and
   //      in the order you want to display them
   //  execute the query
   //  loop through the results, building an <OPTION>whatever</OPTION>
   //      for each element in the drop-down.  You can get creative
   //      here if you need to.  Like:
   //      <OPTION VALUE="##">whatever</OPTION>
   //      where ## is the key field, and whatever is another
   //            (descriptive) field in your query
   //  close your database connection (or later, if needed)

Try to fill in the actual code yourself.
If you get stuck, you can look at:

Good luck!

:Mike S.
:Austin TX USA

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