On Mon 27 Dec 04,  5:22 PM, S Kumar <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> said:
> Dear group, 
>  I am a novice programmer started doing php to process
> a query form of my patients.  
> I have a database and one table in it deals with my
> patient information.  Depending on their condition I
> divided their age groups into 3 categories. In my
> database a table patient_data has a column age_group
> and a patient can be any one of young, middle or old
> category.   
> Now the possibility is that a user can selecct 1 or 2
> or all three options.
> In the query form, I gave the option for a user as a
> check box. The piece of html code is as below:
> <DIV>Age group</DIV>
> <DIV>Young<input type="checkbox" name=""
> value=""></DIV>
> <DIV>Middle<input type="checkbox" name=""
> value=""></DIV>
> <DIV>Old<input type="checkbox" name="" value=""></DIV>
> Problem:
> I want to capture the user options and create an SQL
> statement:
> Select age_group from patient_data where age_group =
> young and old ; 
> I am truly stuck here. Can any one please help me out
> to pass this situation. 
> Thank you in advance.
> Kumar. 

It seems as though the SQL itself is pretty straight forward.  The where
clause would be generated from a conditional based on what values are true.

Exactly what are you having difficulty with?


PS- How can a single patient be "young", "middle", and "old" at the same time?  
Are you
   a psychologist?

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