I think what you want would be like  this:

Let's say your table has these fields: id, title, authorID, category and article (which is the text).

so the first query might be - SELECT id, title, category FROM myTable WHERE authorID = $myID

and you want to know how to present a list of his articles so the user can click one and be taken to the detail page where they can see their article body, yes?

I assume you can run the query and display the results - so the only exotic thing here is:

while ($row = mysql_fetch_array($result))
print "<tr><td><A HREF='detail.php?id=" . $row["id"] . "'>" . $row["title"] . "</A></td><tr>";

This will produce a list of titles (in table rows) that are linked to a page called "detail.php" and each title will 'GET' on this page the id of that record with that title. So make a page called "detail.php" that will display the body of an article given it's ID.

I've been kind of brief here - but if you need more details please ask.


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Hi there!!!
This is one of my first postings to this list. I spend most of the time reading the postings, but now I need to ask:
How to build a link dinamicly from an output of a query to a web page?

Much clearly. I need that certain user can upload a text content into the web site. It doesn´t have to be made in a web format or design, it would be enough as a simple text. To do this I provide him with a form based in a database. That content will be save directly into a database (MySQL). There are other web page made in PHP that using a query will show the new text introduced by the user. The matter is that the user will introduce diferent contents on a diferent subjects, that is why I need that a link is generated authomaticly pointing to each web page that has being updated by that user. Taking into account that each new text is referenced as a row in the database.

I thought that asking through the formulary for a name of the new link to the new content and then working with variables in a loop...... how to force a link to show up on a web page pointing to the propiate place authomaticly every time that a content is introduced for a new web page?

I hope you understood my question.
Thank´s you all....


NOTE: Please forgive my Englihs Grammar. I´m doing the best I can. I speak Spanish.

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