Thanks Larry.

It was mySQL ... 


On Sun, 26 Dec 2004 20:47:37 -0500, Larry E. Ullman wrote
> > I have the auto_increment on one of my variables.  During the past few 
> > days
> > I have been doing testing on a "live" database and created several test
> > records which I now have deleted from my table.  Is there any way of 
> > setting
> > the auto_increment value to match the last "correct" number?  Ron
> You don't say what database application you're using, but if it's 
> MySQL, you can change the auto increment value using:
> That being said, you actually don't have to do this (and often 
> shouldn't, really). Having gaps in your auto increment sequence 
> shouldn't be a problem.
> Larry

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