There are scores of examples / tutorials on this. Google turned up 6,070 hits on this expression:

        "add user" php mysql example

Here's one of them, although it assumes register globals is on

Why don't you pick one, work with it and adapt it to your needs.

However, why is your form's action parameter set to a string of hyphens?

Regards - Miles Thompson

At 09:25 AM 12/28/2004, amol patil wrote:

i have changed file   signup1.php with login1.php, in action fied of form

<form name="form1" method="POST" action="----------">

and saved .

but when i run this file and click on submit button, it still shows old sighnup1.php. and data is also not entering in database. while it data was entering in databse before this. but not now with this change.

no error shown. only shows previous page and no data entry

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