is your ms firewall turned on? ms sp2 screws a lot of stuff up..


Subject: [PHP-DB] Problem with permissions Win32 dba_open
Date: Tue, 28 Dec 2004 23:36:08 -0000

Hi all,  Season's Greetings!

I am testing my PHP scripts locally under XP Home SP2 / Apache 1.3.23 / PHP
4.3.10 but I can't get a simple DBM script to work.  No problem running it
on my remote site, under Unix with gdbm though.

Locally, phpinfo() gives:

DBA support: enabled
Supported handlers: cdb cdb_make db3 inifile flatfile

This encourages me to think that I could open a database with db3, but I
just can't get passed the dba_open command, which always fails with
"Permission denied".

$db = dba_open("C:\Apache\htdocs\test.db", "c" , "db3")  // for example

What am I doing wrong please?

Thanks for your help,

PS This appears to be a fixed bug ( but
I still get "permission denied". Why?

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