Up until recently, I was running Mandrake 9, Oracle 9i and whatever PHP 4
version was available at the time I installed my server (last time was
around August of last year, IIRC). Didn't have any issues until someone
compromised my server through an old SSH.

I then decided to upgrade the whole lot to Fedora Core3, Oracle 10g, Apache
2 and PHP 4.3.10.

I am able to make PHP scripts run on Apache2, but the connectivity to Oracle
just isn't there.

For an example, see:

Now, the script may be a bit off since I was not using my oracle classes and
was just writing straight OCI functions, but still this fails at the
connection level.

Has someone written a comprehensive how-to configure PHP 4 to access 10g

Any help appreciated to get my little site back up.


A. Contreras

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