At 11:34 AM 1/1/2005, Jason Wong wrote:

On Sunday 02 January 2005 00:14, Evan Cooch wrote:

> >You need to install the mysql-devel package.
> Hmmm...OK. Why? (just for my understanding). Again, never had this problem
> with RH7.3...

The same situation exists with RH7.3 (and probably most/every version of Red
Hat Linux), it's just probably that you never came across it.

Probably true - I *think* when you selected mySQL for install under RH 7.3, it installed everything, which is why I never noticed it. Under RH Enterprise, it would seem this is no longer the case.

For reference,
under Red Hat, most PHP extensions that you may wish to compile will require
that you install the corresponding <extension>-devel package.

OK - thanks for the enlightenment!

> I did, and saw several (many!) options related to mySQL, but wasn't sure
> what to do with them. The one that seems most related to the 'socket' issue
> is
> ; Default socket name for local MySQL connects.  If empty, uses the
> built-in ; MySQL defaults.
> mysql.default_socket =
> Do I simply change this to
> mysql.default_socket=/var/lib/mysql

That should point to the socket _file_ that is used by RH's implementation of
MySQL. Do a locate/find mysqld.sock.

As per a part of my initial (long) posting, its in /var/lib/mysql/mysqld.sock

So, do I change the directive in php.ini to


This would seem to make sense.

Thanks again.

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