As some of you will recall, I enquired on this list about versions of MySQL and 
PHP a while back regarding and issue wit using the 'ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE' 
command in MySQL INSERT queries. Having upgraded our in-house system to PHP5 
and MySQL 4 the issue was no longer a problem.

However I have subsequently enquired with our out-of-house web host and they 
are still using PHP 4.1.2 and MySQL 3.25.58. As one of the purposes of asking 
them was to establish if I could easily upload from my database to the remote 
database, I now have a problem. I was planning to use a compare and update 
script that used 'ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE' command in MySQL INSERT queries to 
add or change items on the remote server. However I can't, as it's a MySQL4 
feature and the database to which I am writing ain't using MySQL4!

Any ideas about how I can create a MySQL3 compliant substitute for the 'ON 

Mark Benson

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