Happy new year folks!

The titlemight make this seem like an easy to answer question

However here's the complicated bit (well for me anyway).

In my text file that is written to by the users in a chatroom it looks like 

nickname||color||what the user is saying||user

how can i make it so that if they have a private message when they press update 
it pulls the message from the text file and displays it in the frame but also 
deletes the text?

Also, how can i make it so that if in a drop down menu they select the word 
"everybody" it goes to a file called messages.txt and if they select "user" or 
"user2" or "user3" from the list it writes to private.txt is this at all 
possible? user and user2 etc arent hardcoded it's pulling the names from a list 
of online users.

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