I isn't my intention to start a peeing contest, but if *you* get rid of the 
chip and actually read the manual excerpt, the equivalent SQL statements it 
cites are very definitely available in mysql 3.xx.xx.


Mark Benson wrote:
Doug, read my e-mail again, specifically the second and third paragraphs about 
what *version* of MySQL my host's server is using, then look at the manual 
entry again (specifically the first line you quoted).
The _mysql manual_ says... "If you specify the ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE clause (new 
in MySQL 4.1.0)" thus it only works in 4.1.0 and later, and my host is running MySQL 
3.23.58 (not 3.25.58 as I previously said, not that it makes much odds!). Anyhoo thanks 
for giving it a shot, RBR (read before replying) in future, there's a good chap ;o)

Bastien, thanks sometimes one needs a new perspectiuve on these things, I was 
stuck in my mysql_query brackets. Putting mind to matter using your tips it 
would actually be fairly simple to do that. Again thank you for providing an 
exit() to my stuck loop ;o)

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