in the script that recieve the form submission try adding the following lines to view the contents of the $_GET superglobal array.

echo '<pre>';
print_r( $_GET );
echo '</pre>';

once you see the structure it should be clear what array index key(s) you should be using to get to the relevant values.

PS - Matt M.'s syntax suggestion is along the right lines (although the actual keys you use may be different.

Matt M. wrote:
$_GET['simplevariable']  but am not having much luck with anything like:

$_GET["arrayvariable$a"] (1-dimensional array) or
$_GET["arrayvariable$a$b"] (2-dimensional array)

(I've tried several other odd syntaxes such as
$_GET["arrayvariable[$a][$b]"].  Also it's not an \" situation.)

have you tried
or $_GET["arrayvariable"][$a][$b]

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