Hi all.

I have worked with a MySQL database a whole lot, but never really an MS SQL database before. Here's the problem I'm having. I call this function and then nothing else happens. No other information shows up on the page.

$link = mssql_connect("myServer", "me", "pw");

Of course, I replace the values here with the real ones, but nothing happens. I know the database exists b/c I am looking at it right now.

If I echo something to the screen before this call, then it shows. If I echo something after, it does not show. If I add "or die (...)" after the function call, it does not show. I'm kinda lost on what it could be at this point. I have commented out everything else that it could potentially be so that I know it's this line. I get no error message... I just get nothing.

Any thoughts? Thanks in advance,

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