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This would be a great place for a stored procedure, but I don't know
if I can recommend running MySQL 5 to you.  The most platform-safe way

an open source alternative that does offer this enterprise level functionality (stored procedures) is firebird. and its based on proven tech. (interbase), not to mention its not bleeding edge (firebird stayed in beta so long that if it had been a microsoft product it would have gone gold, shipped, and been put to pasture ;-).

but firebird is a little more difficult to get into than MySQL and you may not have access to hosting that provides it.

I can think of is to get a count(*) of the number of rows with today's
date, add 1 to it, and stick that number on the end of the string
you've created to insert into a varchar field.  It's an extra query
per insert, but it'd do the job.

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