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Stuart Felenstein wrote:
--- Jochem Maas <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

if (count($inds) > 0 AND is_array($inds)) {
   $ind = "'".implode("','", $inds)."'";

looks like you want to do a select statement with $ind in the form of "SELECT * FROM yourtable WHERE yourfield IN ($inds)"

Adding the IN clause did not help in any way.  What
I've been able to get so far is only the first record
returned from the database (even though 2 exists)

Using this result set it is picking up the correct
user records:
$query_rsLPINDS = sprintf("SELECT LurkProfiles_Industries.ProfileID, LurkProfiles_Industries.IndID, LurkerProfiles.ProfileID FROM LurkProfiles_Industries INNER JOIN LurkerProfiles ON
(LurkProfiles_Industries.ProfileID =
LurkerProfiles.ProfileID) INNER JOIN SignUp ON (LurkerProfiles.LurkID =
SignUp.SignUpID) INNER JOIN StaIndTypes ON
LurkProfiles_Industries.IndID = StaIndTypes.CareerIDs)

WHERE LurkerProfiles.ProfileID = %s and LurkID = %s
and hash = '%s'",

I've created the variable for IndID like this :
$IndID = $rsLPINDS->Fields('IndID');
which when I do a print_r($IndID), prints out the
first record.
So at this point I'm trying to figure out what I need
to make $IndID an array.


If I remember correctly, you're using some kind of database class that we spent some time pinning down how to pull the values out of. If that is indeed the case - you need to request the next record to be able to pull that records value for the field in. I don't remember what package you were using - but whatever that is, I think you need to be running across your result set (foreach || while ) and requesting each result as you go (or you need to access the property of the object that stores the whole result set/etc.).

Whatever the case - I'm like 95% sure that ->Fields('fieldname') was for "last pulled rows value of this field" or similar and was for pulling record by record.


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