I have a page set up with a sql query that receives
$_POST values (from pervious page) to perpare records
for update. 
Two of the values are via $HTTP_POST_VARS, 1 is via

Goes something like this:

// begin Recordset
$colname__rsLPINDS = '-1';
if (isset($HTTP_POST_VARS['PN'])) {
$colname__rsLPINDS = $HTTP_POST_VARS['PN'];
$colname2__rsLPINDS = '-1';
if (isset($HTTP_SESSION_VARS['KT_id'])) {
$colname2__rsLPINDS = $HTTP_SESSION_VARS['KT_id'];
$colname3__rsLPINDS = '-1';
if (isset($HTTP_POST_VARS['code'])) {
$colname3__rsLPINDS = $HTTP_POST_VARS['code'];
$query_rsLPINDS = ...[SNIP].... 
WHERE LurkerProfiles.ProfileID = %s and LID = %s 
and hash = '%s '",
$totalRows_rsLPINDS = $rsLPINDS->RecordCount();
// end Recordset

WHen the page loads, I'm printing out all the values
to make sure they exit- 

PN, KT_id and code all are correct.  Also I print out 
$totalRows_rsLPINDS , which in this case gives me a
value of 3 (total number of records meeting criteria)

Now I've taken the same recordset and parameters and
put them on another page , using a form with post
/hidden values to pass the same values over. I've also
tried posting to the same page. The weird thing is
"code" and "$totalRows_rsLPINDS" come back empty.  PN
remains intact.  Totally mind boggling.


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