I have this block of code which checks to see if an image has been uploaded from an update form. Everything in the form works, except I can not get the the elseif statements to behave properly. See the comments below for explanation. Any help would be appreciated.

$route_photo = $_FILES['image']['name'];

// if no new image and no existing image put NULL in the DB
 if(empty($_FILES['image']['name']) && ($_POST['oldimage']) == '')
            $route_photo = 'NULL';
             echo ("No image supplied.");

// if new image put the new image name in the DB
} elseif ($_POST['route_photo'] || $_FILES['image']['name']) {
$route_photo = $_POST['route_photo'];
echo ("The image has been replaced with $route_photo.");

// If no new image update, use the old image
        }  elseif ($_POST['route_photo'] = $_POST['oldimage'])
                     $route_photo = $_POST['oldimage'];
                        echo("No new image supplied");

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