I've got a problem concerning inserting UTF-8 encoded data into a MySQL
4.1.9 table.


I'm working on a simple DOM based XML feed parser in PHP5; I need to insert
the data parsed from the feeds into the table.


The script source can be viewed: http://www.feedsfarm.com/tmp.phps


Most western European characters are inserted fine.


Other characters such as special punctuation marks, and more importantly
Japanese and middle and eastern European languages are inputted, but some
characters seem to get mangled up.


An example of the data is available: http://www.feedsfarm.com/s/s-50-site:a


As you can see many Japanese symbols are fine, others are wrong, and show up
as "???" in fire fox. Cyrillic languages are the same - some characters are
fine, others just show the dreaded "???".


My server's version of MySQL has UTF-8/Unicode support fully enabled, and I
have all the fonts and character supported on my client machine.


Here is an example of the data being sent straight to the browser:
http://www.feedsfarm.com/tmp.php (works PERFECT!)


Note: I know the parsed XML data is UTF-8 encoded because this is default by
Libxml when traversing XML via DOM.


Can anyone help point me in the right direction?



 - Martin



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