Eve Atley wrote:
women/girls deserve a little more leaway when entering this little world. if only because men have been jacking them around for the last 5000 years - which has only brought us war & religion ;-)

ROTFL!! Too funny. :)

thanks. :-)

I got the issue somewhat resolved. I was being a slacker and wanted to
administer MySQL with phpmyadmin, and I thought it would be an easy fix, but

your not using MySQL in combination with php (other than the attempt to run phpmyadmin)?

I opted for the command line eventually. While phpmyadmin still doesn't work
despite mysql.so existing on my system (Mysql.so was Outlook insisting on
proper capitalization), I got everything else working, in this particular
case MySQL, via the command line.

You said your using RedHat, do you have a choice in that?, are you okay with linux? Give SuSE a shot - as a distro is much better, german engineering and that and its got the backing, now that Novell has taken over shop (Novell of IT excellence, as opposed the marketing finesse of RedHat). for a little more extreme try Debian - if you can handle using a bash shell you will find it joyful, its start off with `aptget`, a few configures, make, make installs, zoom.

Im no expert but I can setup servers ok, I just FTFM and it takes me a while :-) and lately Ive been setting up a fairly complex php webshop/site/cms type thing for a company that insists on redhat "server bla bla bla edition" - and its a nightmare - try setting up php5/firebird1.5/apache argh - well the guy that set it up said "argh" and next to me he's an honest to god wizard! they have it set so that technically you have to login to a website of redhat and the
site logs into your machine and finds out whats installed, which it then reports back to you on the site. WTF!!! its pure madness. a man obviously thought this up. straight up.

in my world:

1. RedHat - like treading in something brown and steaming.
2. SuSE   - like driving in a Mercedes, but not always a brandnew one.
3. Debian - spaceship (or more precisely: The Tardis).

which would you choose?

just MHO

And I posted here, assuming it was linked between PHP and MySQL, being that phpmyadmin is written in PHP and works off MySQL. Does not appear to be the case however!

I didn't quite get it either!

Thanks, Eve

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