On Sun, 23 Jan 2005 10:43:03 +0400, Radwan Aladdin

> I wanted to know the best Random Function for PHP.. But please I don't want 
> >duplications to happen at the same second.. because I receive many 
> customers..
For that purpose, mt_rand ( [int min, int max]) function is your best
friend, I guess.
See http://in2.php.net/manual/en/function.mt-rand.php for more details.

> And also how can I add [EMAIL PROTECTED], whic "abc" is a variable... and 
> >"localhost.com" is a static text??
> So I only request from the user to enter the "abc" only and it will 
> automatically >be : [EMAIL PROTECTED]

//Do you mean --
$user = "someuser"; 
echo $user; 
//And you wish to make [EMAIL PROTECTED] ?
$email_address = $user . "@localhost.com"; 
echo $email_address;
//Will output [EMAIL PROTECTED]

The dot (.) is the cocatenation (string-joining) operator.

Samar M. 

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