Let me explain this a bit better, or try to. ;)

Let's say I have some code on MY SERVER.

I will call it "MYSERVER" and an outside server
outside my local area "OUTSIDESERVER".

Now I have PHP on "MYSERVER" to connect to a database
on an "OUTSIDESERVER" and once establish do a few
updates/deletes etc.  

Now the database names, passwords etc will be stored
on "MYSERVER" which uses input themself to save.  

Now is this method security safe and possible or are
most servers setup to a DB connection can only be made
by "localhost"?


Date: Sun, 23 Jan 2005 15:51:02 +1100 (EST) 
To: php-db@lists.php.net 
Subject: Is this possible? 


Is it "security safe and possible" to use my server to
query another server, outside the local zone, and make
updates to another server using a PHP page from my

I'm just wondering.

So in other words I'd have a DB setup to hold users
domains, db names, db usernames, db passwords etc on
mine and run PHP code query their own on their server.
 I wanna do this to run a program I am working on and
wanna keep the code on my server rather than handing
it out to people to freely use.

Again the question is, is it security safe and
possible. :)


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