Chris Payne wrote:
Hi there,

The problem is, the database is imported from a huge properties database and
can only be imported in the format from the central database of estate
agents, so I can't reformat it in the tables itself.

Each table has the same fields, but one is for condo's, one is for

you need UNION - use of the UNION clause assumes 2 things:

1. all the tables in question do indeed have identical columns
2. the UNION clause is supported by the version of your DB software

having said that if you are importing the data and each 'table' is of
the same format why not just import each file/table into 1 table in your DB?

residential etc ..... however, the client need to be able to do a search all
tables query, and bring the results up as though you are only search 1
table.  I've never searched multiple tables before without a relative ID,
what I need is to search all of them as though it is just searching 1, so I
don't think multiple queries would work, hence why I'm trying to do it all
in a single query.


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