Martin Norland wrote:
Jochem Maas wrote:

Nigel Jones wrote:

Problems guys...

Emails don't actually "come" from [EMAIL PROTECTED] they are sent to
[EMAIL PROTECTED] and then sent like it was an email from the sender to
x subscriber...

Really you should be suggesting that the subjects be used in the
event/filter things.

On that note - why is it that vacation autoreplies get through to this list, but if you dare to speak the dreaded o f f - t o p i c or [ O - T ] keywords your mail doesn't get through?

its a mad world. :-)

I don't use autoresponders - If I ever go away, I either:

a, take a laptop and check for urgent stuff.
b, send important clients/colleagues an email saying when I'll be back -
which takes roughly the same time as setting up the autoresponder and has
the added bonus that you don't have to remember to turn off the auto-responder
when you get back ;-)

Assuming you have this luxury. A bigger question is, how often are 'we' (e.g. techies) in positions where we're away for so long, and so immediately available to clients - but those clients don't know our schedule? If I'm so 'in bed' with a client that they expect instantaneous turnaround, I would just warn them directly - maybe my experiences are unique. I just don't "service" a lot of people at a time - I would think anyone who does either keeps communication open or has others servicing them also.

good point, I indeed have the luxury of having a limited no. of (relatively important) clients, this makes things easy.

having said that I'd love a gmail invite - I wanna dig into their madhatter
javascript used in the clientside interface and learn a few tricks. so
if anyone has a spare ...?

Martin delivered the goods! many thanks to him, and anyone else who would have sent one (if Martin hadn't gotten there first :-) )




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