Bastien Koert wrote:
Its not src='id=$id'> that will defnintely blow up....

echo '<img src="./path/to/image.php?id=$id">';

where $id is the id of the record you are trying to get the image to...


From: Chip Wiegand <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
In testing this I have added the code samples to a page and have it
working except the path statement is not correct. For now, I've just added
all the code to one page, rather than including a second page. The
statement - echo '<img src="id=$id">'; is resulting in this error - The
requested URL /id=$id was not found on this server. Any suggestions?

<?php function shed_light() { $wont = "that"; $output = "would"; $variables = "work"; $values = "fine"; $because = "actually"; $of = "without"; $single = "single"; $quotes = "quotes"; // and with a "?" because it's the same script.

  echo '$wont $output $variables $values $because $of $single $quotes!';

  // echo '<img src="./path/to/image.php?id='.$id.'">';
  // echo '<img src="?id='.$id.'">';

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