On Tuesday 25 January 2005 20:20, Perry, Matthew (Fire Marshal's Office) 
> I am having trouble with my session data on Microsoft IIS.
> Here is a little background of the problem:
> 1)       I am not personally in control of our web server.  Our IT
> department manages it.  

oh dear! ;-) 

> They have IIS running on their sever and use MS 
> SQL Server, but they have allowed me to use PHP instead of ASP.
> 2)       I have Apache running on a local web server in our office (not
> the IT department).  It accesses the SQL Server database remotely.  I

I can't comment on the use of register_globals or session_register as I 
always use the $_SESSION array but I do use PHP on IIS...
Something that you might like to check is that the directory specified by:


in the IIS server's php.ini is a directory writable by the user that IIS 
masquerades. The default value for this is:


which if your sysadmin installed php as Administrator will not be writable 
by the IIS user (normally IUSR_<hostname>).

Either get the sysadmin to specify (& create) another dir that is writable 
by IIS or change the permissions on c:\php\sessiondata

Assuming you're running Apache on a Linux (and probably other un*x) 
distribution you will find that the session.save_path variable is set 
to /tmp which is usually world writable.

I think if you posted the exact error message it would tell me if this was 
happening to you or not...

hth, Simon

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