hi Guys,

I'm using Firebird 1.5 with PHP5.

I have a problem where by I am trying to do the equivelant of:

        $a = 'A';
        $b = 'AG';
        if (stristr($b, $a)) {
                // do something.

Inside a Stored procedure, where $a and $b are both input variables
to the stored procedure.

The Interbase Lang Ref (PDF) doesn't help
me here - I've tried all sorts of forms of syntax using CONTAINS and LIKE
but it all gives syntax errors... (which didn't surprise me!)

Then I thought that I could used Ard Biesheuvels php_ibase_udf UDF lib for
firebird,  php_ibase_udf.c is in the php cvs (somewhere); this lib allows access
to php functions defined in your calling scripts. at any rate I get BLR type 
when I tried to use the UDFs (btw googling php_ibase_udf.c doesn't return a 
lot, but
you will definitely find one email mentioning the BLR error!!). Actually I have 
setting up this UDF lib on 3 different servers (all fbird1.5/php5 - different 
minor versions)
with out any luck.

does anyone have a clue as to how do the equivalent of the PHP above inside
a firebird stored procedure? or possibly can point out so good 
(all the good firebird stuff seems to be in russian) on/of 'advanced' stored

alternatively is there anyone out there that has gotten the php_ibase_udf UDF 
to work (Lester Caine have you tried it yet?, I ask you specifically because 
name often pops up on php lists in relation to firebird :-).

before any says: "why not ask the developer" - we'll his is an aquaintance of 
I have his mobile number and I have asked him!, its just a case of he has _no_ 
(due to dissitation/research  commitments) to dig into the problem and
I know that he will help when he gets some free time again, but for now I'm on 
mine own.

hope somebody can give me a clue :-),

thanks and regards,

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