Okay, so I have got the php bits working in this web page but it is 
running 3 times every time the page loads, and I see no reason why (I have 
opened this page in two differant browsers). The code for the entire page 
is pasted below, it includes some calls to include files which are not 
included in this message of course (and this file is itself included in 
another file), the page can be seen at this address: 
If anyone can see any reason for the script to run 3 times please let me 
<table width="100%" border="0" cellpadding="5" cellspacing="0" 
summary="table that contains the body of the page">
<div align="top">
<p class="welcome">Welcome to Simrad, Inc</p>
<p class="paratext">
Simrad is one of the world's largest manufacturers of marine electronics 
for the yachting, 
fishery and commercial marine markets, offering sales and service 
worldwide. A complete 
range of products from Simrad is available for many different types of 
marine activity, 
including auto steering, navigation, hydro acoustic and communication 
equipment. Ranging 
from pleasure boating, through fishing and into commercial craft. Please 
select the type 
of activity that you are interested in using the links on the left.
<br /><br /><br />
<p class="paratext">Read <a 
href="SimradNews/Spring2004/SimradNews-p1.html" target="_new"><span 
class="red">Simrad</span><span class="blue">News</span></a> - Your 
quarterly guide to today's marine electronics (opens in a new window)<br 
<!-- Or download the .pdf version <a 
href="SimradNews/Spring2004/SimradNews.php">here</a> (765Kbytes) --></p>
<br />
<p class="c2"><img src="images/sim-net-icon.gif" alt="ANNOUNCING THE NEW 
SIMNET NETWORK" border="0" title="SAWDUST helm - all Simrad products" 
<a href="#"
 onmouseover="window.status='ANNOUNCING THE NEW SIMNET NETWORK';return 
onmouseout="window.status='ANNOUNCING THE NEW SIMNET NETWORK'; return 
 title="Read more about the SimNet" class="special-links"><em>ANNOUNCING 
<td><br />
<p class="title">What's New</p>
$sql="select * from hotspots";
$result = mysql_query($sql);
while ( $row = mysql_fetch_array($result)) 
         printf("<p><img src=\"hotspots/latest1.gif\" alt=\"%s\" 
title=\"%s\"></p><p class=\"footnote\">%s</p>", $row["alt-text"], 
$row["title-text"], $row["desc-text"]);
   printf("<p><img src=\"hotspots/latest2.gif\" alt=\"%s\" 
title=\"%s\"></p><p class=\"footnote\">%s</p>", $row["alt-text"], 
$row["title-text"], $row["desc-text"]); 
   printf("<p><img src=\"hotspots/latest3.gif\" alt=\"%s\" 
title=\"%s\"></p><p class=\"footnote\">%s</p>", $row["alt-text"], 
$row["title-text"], $row["desc-text"]);
<table summary="company blurb" align="center" border="0" cellspacing="0" 
cellpadding="10" width="80%">
<td colspan="2">
<div class="co-blurb">
<hr width="75%" />
<p class="paratext"><a href="contact/simradbackground.php"
onmouseover="window.status='Some Background information about 
Simrad';return true;"
title="Some Background information about Simrad" 
class="special-links">Simrad</a> has built its name on
products which do what they are designed to do, whatever the conditions. 
As part of <a
onmouseover="window.status='The Kongsberg Maritime Corporate Home 
Page';return true;"
title="Our corporate parent company home page" target="_blank" 
class="special-links">Kongsberg Maritime</a>, the largest
manufacturer of marine electronics in the world, Simrad manufactures 
products which are
developed and built on the same principles as the company's sophisticated 
for the demanding commercial shipping and fisheries market.</p>

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