I am getting the error below while trying to execute
the code below:

Warning: ocilogon(): _oci_open_server:  in
d:\program files\apache
group\apache\htdocs\codebase\oci8test2.php on line 3

Aha line 3.  Open oci8test2.php in notepad or
something and browse to line three.  Hit your down
arrow twice. ;)



if ($c=OCILogon("scott", "tiger", "orcl")) {
  echo "Successfully connected to Oracle.\n";
} else {
  $err = OCIError();
  echo "Oracle Connect Error " . $err[text];

Okay lets read the error:

Warning: ocilogon(): _oci_open_server:  in
d:\program files\apache
group\apache\htdocs\codebase\oci8test2.php on line 3

so ocilogon is producing some sort of error, it kindly
gives us the line number to make it easier to find. :)
 Sometimes helpful but not always if you have alot of
includes in it. ;)

So I'd say it's this part the error is:

if ($c=OCILogon("scott", "tiger", "orcl")) {

First off have you created a dataabse called Orcl with
username scott and password tiger?

I doubt this is your problem though.
I see an error though in your code.  But let me

I followed the note below to set it up.

Any help on this will be greatly appreciated.

How have you followed it exactly?  You have changed
refrences in it, why?  Are you using another thing
inline with this?

If your learining you should copy the instructions as
they are until you know what your doing, obvious your
knowledge is lacking and you require more learning
time.  I suggest you not fiddle to much with the
code(s) until you get a good foot holding

I suggest you start over.  Copy the instructions as
they say and I am sure you will get the thing to work,
than start playing and asking questions.

But instead of pointing out the obvious here and you
not totally understanding start from scratch and i am
sure you will understand what is goin on when you make
the changes and the error reproduces.

That's my suggestion!



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